Life’s Many Detours: My return from hiatus

Life's Many Detours

Life’s many detours have sent me on a journey these last few months. I know I’ve been missing for many months. As you all know, I suffer from several illnesses. I had a few flares, a few new symptoms, a few other issues. I decided to step away from the blog for a few weeks and went on vacation in June.  (New Orleans and my bestie I MISS YOU STILL!) 

Work has been a bit stressful since then, which makes me feel even worse. So I kept the blog on the back burner for longer.

September provided another of many detours my father in the hospital for 5, maybe 6, days with pneumonia caused by fluid on his lungs from congestive heart failure that wasn’t diagnosed until his hospitalization. His brother has been in the hospital for months waiting on a heart transplant as well. We got great news on that from in the last few weeks and my uncle received his transplant! Their aunt, my great aunt, was recently in the hospital for the same things my father was. 

So it’s been one thing after another. But I feel like maybe if I have the blog to focus on, maybe it will be a bright spot to add some sun to what has been a pretty bleak year. 

I hope to have a great blog post soon for you all!