First Art Show Connecticut Betta Show Fall ’11

CBC first art show

The first art show I entered was back in 2011. It was held in conjunction with the Connecticut Betta Club show on September 30 – October 2, 2011. I have been very inconsistent with my art. I’ve always been insecure and felt I don’t measure up to others. This was a nice win.

1st Place
G2 Illustrations

The first piece is a soft pastel and colored pencils painting.  I must have worked for weeks on it to make it look even nearly acceptable to me. I still wasn’t happy with it when I mailed it in for the entry. Everyone says you’re your own worst critic.

Betta soft pastel
First Art Show Connecticut Betta Club

This is the Betta splendens the painting is modeled after. I bred this male and had planned on breeding and showing Betta splendens, but due to my health and other factors, that never materialized.

Charlie Betta

1st Place
G2 Crafts

The second piece is a polyclay sculpture. It was actually one of my very first polyclay sculptures. I love working in polyclay, but I have to be extremely inspired because baking and curing the clay in the toaster oven does release some fumes into the house that bother my health issues, particularly my migraines.

Betta polyclay