What’s In My Purse?

What's In My Purse? 1

Wondering what’s in a chronic illness warrior’s purse? I scaled back my purse for the summer, so it’s not as full as it could be if it were larger. I currently am carrying a Magnolia and Vine Versa Bag with a Faux Fur accent. Magnolia And Vine has some neat jewelry and accessories. If you can find a consultant, you should check it out. This purse is smaller than I normally carry, so I don’t have nearly as much as I generally do.

So the first pic of what’s in my purse:
What's In My Purse? 2

  • My Medical Information – In a red Tyvek envelope so it’s noticeable. This includes the Emergency Room Protocols from TMS that my immunologist has filled out and signed.
  • My Epipens – MCAS can result in anaphylaxis so I always have to be prepared. I carry 2 at all times because it’s short-acting and I may not be able to get to the ER before the effects of the first one wearing off. They can be expensive – if you need them, please check here and see if you can get discounts. An alternative is the Auvi-Q. You can get it free if your doctor fills out a form and submits it. That form is located here.
  • A mask is for when there are low-level fumes/smells I’m reactive to. I don’t carry the RZ Mask I usually use for smells and fumes right now because it doesn’t fit in my purse.
  • A cute little Kate Spade notebook, because you never know when inspiration may strike and I need to make notes for blog posts or poetry.
  • My Pomeranian key chain and Magnolia and Vine key chain with my car key on it.
  • My house key (yes it’s a Fleur-de-lis as an homage to New Orleans where my heart longs to be), my parents’ house key (they both have serious health problems so it’s with me all the time), and all my savings/membership tags.

This isn’t all. Now to the second pic:
What's In My Purse? 3

  • SaltStick Caps – I carry SaltStick Caps with me all the time in case I need the electrolyte boost due to having POTS. If you have POTS or EDS you can get discounts on these by joining the SaltStick Vitassium Club. Please don’t abuse this link so they don’t take away the discounts for those of us that depend on these products.
  • The Unisom and the blue capsules which are ZzzQuil Luiqicaps above the pill bottles are in my purse because they’re diphenhydramine – yep Benadryl. I keep them on hand for acute MCAS reactions. These were free samples I received in the mail, so what better way to put them to use.
  • My pill case – it has famotidine. The famotidine and a DAO enzyme supplement are for MCAS reactions. I will sometimes take the DAO enzyme supplement if I’m fearful that a meal out away from home may include ingredients that sometimes I am reactive to. There is some evidence that DAO will lower histamine – and since my mast cells pump out massive amounts of histamine in a reaction, every little bit of help sometimes is worth it.
  • My Proventil inhaler for asthma attacks, as well as breathing issues during MCAS reactions.
  • Imodium AD – for issues during an MCAS reaction. Enough said.
  • GinGins ginger candies – for nausea and vomiting.
  • Rolaids – for mild/moderate heartburn.
  • Zaditor eye drops – ketotifen eye drops for when my eyes are reacting as part of my MCAS. I take compounded ketotifen capsules as well. It’s so weird that it’s approved in the US for eye drops, but not for an oral med.
  • Blink Gel Tears – I get awful dry eyes along with the MCAS problems. I wonder if this is a result of EDS? I’ll have to ask. (Spoiler Alert – I was diagnosed in December of 2018 with Sjögrens Syndrome.)
  • Acetaminophen – I can’t take any other OTC pain reliever because of the MCAS.
  • Chlorpheniramine Maleate – Generic Chlor-Trimeton. I use this as a rescue med for MCAS reactions.
  • My Pomeranian checkbook – what can I say, I love my Poms.
  • My Mini Card Book from mochithings. I love this thing. My ID, insurance cards, credit cards, and membership cards all fit in here! I could spend all day on their website just looking at all the cute things they have too. Thank goodness I know I can’t spend all the money I want to on those things!


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